Friday, September 24, 2010

Marionettes that Move you + An Evacuation

Photo credit: Matt Cashore

Our family attended The Cashore Marionette Show at BYU last evening. It was beautiful. Bill, Cammy and I had seen it about three years ago at the Covey Center for the Arts. Loved it so much we wanted the rest of the family to see it. Very classy. We laughed. We cried. The show got a standing ovation and some 'bravos.' We got to meet the Cashores at an after reception. Very humble. You can see how much they love what they do. If you ever get a chance to see this show I highly recommend it.

Side note: We were lucky to have a place to go last night. Our neighborhood was evacuated because some construction crews hit a major gas line a block below our home. I had to contact my vocal students and cancel lessons. Cammy had just finished school and couldn't go down our street and called me from a few blocks above our house to come pick her up. Lots of excitement. TV news crews, policemen, firetrucks, ambulances, helicopters. The Red Cross set up shelter at our local elementary school. (Coryn sneaked back to our house to get our tickets after we got evacuated.) When we arrived home at 10:00 p.m. all was calm and the homes had been cleared to re- enter. And it was the top story on the news:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miles for Melanie

Photo by Tim Pannell

Court, Coryn and I are attempting another 5K this weekend. This time, however, for a very important cause. My friend, Melanie Kau was diagnosed this past spring with malignant stage 4 lung cancer. Quite a shock to all who know her. Melanie is vivacious, athletic, a marathon runner and full of sunshine.

We got to know each other when we carpooled our daughters (Caitlyn and Keala) to their dance class in Orem. Melanie has always been such an example of goodness. Her husband and children are wonderful. She is facing this challenge with such grace and determination. So many people in our community know and love Melanie and she is receiving many tender mercies. To read more about her journey go here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Curt Brinkman 1953-2010

A very dear friend of Bill's and mine passed away last week. We became friends with Curt early in our marriage. (Bill worked with him at the time.) He gave me my first job as his secretary after I graduated from college, knowing full well that I would possibly quit at any time when a teaching job came available. And that teaching job came three months later. Curt was totally cool with that and very positive that I would land the teaching job I wanted so much.

Curt had an amazing perspective on life. He was remarkable in his tenacity and drive to be his best. He was the the first person to win the Boston Marathon in a wheelchair in 1980. The first of many marathons he would win including New York City. His last win came just three years ago in the St. George Marathon. If you don' t know Curt's incredible story, view this KSL-TV news story from yesterday: here

He was a great father and we enjoyed times in his home watching him get on the floor and wrestle with his three children. He could climb the stairs with his arms faster than any of us with our feet. Though he was always in a great deal of pain throughout his life because of the loss of his legs and many other health problems, he always had a beautiful smile and rarely let you know of his suffering. He was a great motivational speaker and inspired many to rise above their own trials. He was kind enough to do a fireside for our ward when we asked even though he was in great demand.

We were blessed to have his friendship and he will be missed by many.

Read more about Curt here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Love This cjane Gal and Benton Paul has Amazing Hair

Attended the premiere of the Rooftop Concert Series, the 'brain child' of world-famous blogger extraordinaire Cjane. Can I just say that she is awesome? And so was the concert!
(Look at the cheeks on her sweet baby, Ever Jane. I wanted to pinch them, but restrained myself.)

The setting was so cool with the background of the stage provided by our beautiful Provo Mountains.

(Coryn didn't want me to post this photo because she said she looked too star-struck. Who wouldn't be star-stuck after having Benton Paul talk to you in French? I think she looks darling! Mother's right to over-rule.)

Benton Paul gave a fabulous performance, as always, and with some great new songs. His back-up band was terrific and his warm-up singer, Nik Day, will be going places as well.

Benton served his LDS mission in Paris France and was so sweet when he found out Coryn had been called to serve there as well. They had a fun conversation in French.
He is such a nice guy and so talented.

NEXT IN THE CONCERT SERIES: THE LOWER LIGHTS, a hymn revival group. A perfect choice to kick off LDS General Conference Weekend.
October 1st at 8:00 p.m.
Top of the parking garage
Across from Sammy's
in Provo.
Did I mention it's FREE?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Circle of Life


For the 3rd time in as many months I WEPT at a musical theatrical production. Yes, I cried and shook during the opening 10 minutes of Broadway's The Lion King. Perhaps because we have waited about 14 years to see it or perhaps because it was just plain spectacular!

Julie Taymor, director/creator extraordinaire, is a genius!