Friday, August 6, 2010

The Red Telephone Booth

One of the first things I was eager to see in London was the Red Telephone Booths, followed by, of course, the Red Double-Decker Buses. The minute we got off the tube and came up the stairs and onto the street these were indeed the first things I saw and I knew I had arrived.

A few years ago there was a discussion going on with the London Mayor and Council about removing those phone booths. They were no longer serving a purpose and were becoming more or less rubbish receptacles. There was an uproar. "These are iconic." "They are symbols of our City." "It must not be done."

And so they remain.


RainCoyote said...

Ring ring. Ring Ring. Hello? Ring Ring. Ring Ring. Hello?

Those telephone booths are cool.

Coryn said...

Ah! The Covent Garden red phone booth.