Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Please Mind the Gap

One of the big adventures of London is learning how to navigate the underground transit system. Coryn was a pro and Court and I followed her around like puppy dogs. By the end of our eight days I sort of felt I could perhaps find my way back to our hotel if I got lost. But just sort of...

The Underground is hot and stuffy. Filled with a mass of humanity. Men in business suits, mums with children, tattooed teenagers, beautiful French, British and Indian women. It is not good to go during rush hours (kind of like I-15) which we learned a few times. The closest I've come to experiencing this type of transportation was the NYC Subway and this is by far more intricate. It is actually quite amazing to think this was all designed under the ground.

(This is only a small section of the entire system.)

Constant announcements come over the PA : "Mind the gap between the train and the platform." "Mind the closing doors." "Please allow passengers off before boarding."

One particular announcement at Piccadilly Line caught me off guard: "Ladies and Gentleman, please keep your belongings close. Pickpockets operate at this station." (The Artful Dodger, alive and well.)

To sum it up: One day we heard a darling little British boy about age 5 say (pointing to the entrance of The Underground): "Mummy, we need to go down there. That's where London is!"


Anonymous said...

I remember the talk given by Barbara Thompsen about,"Mind the Gap".
I think it's nice to warned about people who pickpocket.

Coryn said...

Oh yeah! The pickpocket announcement! That was funny. I think they also said it at the Covent Garden Tube station.

p.s. Speaking of the Artful Dodger...or maybe not...remember that man getting fashion shots outside of the "Oliver" theatre? I swear it was Jessie St. James.

RainCoyote said...

It is Jessie St. James.

The underground was fun, especially all the polite reminders of minding the gap and please don't obstruct the doors.