Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Move Over Martha

For those who know me I am far from a Domestic Goddess. I have great admiration for those who have the talents for cooking, baking, craftiness and lovely presentation. Now, if you asked, I could sing a song, play a piece on the piano, dance a jig or give you a dramatic monologue complete with tears...but when it comes to these skills, I am lacking.

This past Easter, however, I surprised even myself. I actually presented a most lovely dinner for my family complete with a honey-baked ham. Seriously, I couldn't believe it all turned out so well. (Though we always have dinner together each night as a family, it doesn't look this pretty.)

My friend, VaLene, shared with me how to create these beautiful eggs from old silk ties.

All photos by Coryn


M-Z-T said...

Those eggs are fun! I love your dishes. They are so festive!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Thanks Melissa. I always seem to go for something with purple;)

Coryn said...

You did a wonderful job with all of this!

Naysel said...

OH so PRETTY! Mrs. Cope can I just say you still make killer brownies. I miss them! :)

Cookie Doe said...

Wow- I seriously thought those were magazine photos...impressive. Love the eggs.