Friday, April 2, 2010

Day of Tears

(Picture by Morgan Weistling)

A crown of thorns~a cross to bear
And sorrowing friends following near
Yet, He speaks through His grief
"Weep not for me"
But how can we hold back these tears

Yom tzaar~day of sorrow
Yom dmaot~day of tears
Day of tears

The tearing flesh~the trembling nerves
Some now bow in jest and mock
His thirst
And still from His lips
"Father, forgive"
How can they slay their Lord

Now asleep~rest in peace, Jesus, Lord
With love we come to wash away
where hate hath marred
But, can it be
Now we see no grave can hold Thee in
Death has an end
Thou lives again

Yom simcha~day of gladness
Yom dmaot~day of tears
Yom peley~day of wonder
Yom dmaot (simcha)~day of tears
Tears of joy

(Lynda Johnson and Kenneth Cope)
Luke 23:27-31, 55-56;24:1-9
from "Women at the Well"
1995 Embryo Records, ASCAP


RainCoyote said...

Happy Easter. Uncle K writes good lyrics methinks.

Coryn said...

I like this.

Cookie Doe said...

One of my favorites. I will go and pull that out now. Happy Easter.