Monday, March 15, 2010

Mister Fox

My brother called the other day and said: "I just saw a very funny movie."
I said: "Oh, what movie?"
He said: " Fantastic Mr. Me"
I said: "Fantastic Mr. What?"
He said: "Fantastic Mr. Me."
Then I laughed.
You see, my maiden name is Fox. I had a lot of fun with that name while growing up and a lot of misery. (For example. My brothers and I used to joke with people that our family owned the movie company Twentieth Century Fox.)
When I was in high school guys would refer to a "hot girl" as a fox. And a lot of us called each other by our last names. So imagine how awkward it was for me when some guys would call out, "Hey, Fox" or "Come over here, Foxy." Do I turn my head and acknowledge that I think I'm a fox? Or do I keep walking and appear conceited?

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" comes out on DVD next week. If you like Roald Dahl's humor you will like this movie. Funny. Great voices. And the stop-motion animation was very cool.


Camdoozer said...

*Giggle* "Fantastic Mr. ME!" I can't wait to watch this movie again!
~ Camdoozer

Cookie Doe said...

Very funny dilemmas to be in! Try growing up with the name Brown. No excitement there, ever.

Mason said...

Cuss yeah, this movie was awesome!

RainCoyote said...

Haha, Uncle Matt is so friggin' hilarious!

I love Fantastic Mr. Fox. I was in so much pain from laughing about that movie. So wonderful. I will be purchasing this one.