Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Award and Film Fest Season

Since I was a little girl I loved to watch the Academy Awards. I never missed them. Ever. I, of course, was going to win one, followed by a Grammy or two, then a Tony. Not necessarily in that order. Ah, childhood dreams...As I have aged and the award shows have become more political and more self-indulgent, I have stayed away. I do however, still love a great film, a good song, and a grand Broadway show. Here are some of the movies (in theatres) I have enjoyed this year: (My favorite is above.)


ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

I just watched Up again with Garreth last week. What an absolutely delightful movie. Haven't seen everything on your list yet, but I plan to. Also loved Julie and Julia. "Yes, I have ADD. That's why I'm so bad at housework."

Coryn said...

I loved all of these! Except I haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet.

RainCoyote said...

EEE I love all of those movies (except still need to see Holmes). wildthingswildthingswildthingswildthings.

haha, Julia Childs. "NEVER APOLOGIZE!"