Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Only the Piano Player

The Spring Creek Concert Choir (grades 4-6) sang at the BYU President's Breakfast. They sounded beautiful. Their director, Miss Barker is fabulous.

When it was the choir's turn to perform we came down to the ballroom and the children all filed onto the risers. I looked around AND SAW THERE WAS NO PIANO! Hello! This is a CHOIR! They do use a piano for most of their numbers. So we had a brief delay while man on walkie-talkie arranged to get a grand rolled out on stage. Not the set-up I imagined. The choir was below the stage risers. I was center stage at the piano. Awkward. But it all turned out fine. My eyes were killing me afterwards, though as I had to play in a bright green stage- light shining on the music. My friend, Brenda, told me that I looked very Christmasy with my hair glowing in the green light accented by my red scarf. Lovely.