Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love this Blog...Love this Family

Most of you are familiar with "Nie Nie" by now. (If not, please go to the button on my blog list and read Stephanie and Christian Nielsen's story. She has posted her archives as well.) Her sister, Courtney Jane, who took care of three of their children after the plane crash writes cjane enjoy it. cjane is a gifted writer. I never fail to be moved or enlightened when I read her entries. She gives such a wonderful and unique perspective on life, love and family. (see my blog list)

My favorite blog, The Jolly Porter, (written by cjane and nie's brother Christopher Clark) went into moratorium several months ago and I've been in mourning ever since. (This summer, though, I've gotten my fix from his Mind the Gap blog where he journals of his London experiences with his study abroad students.)

My small connection to this family is that we lived across the street from their Grandma Clark for 10 years. She lived in a charming yellow house with a well-groomed yard full of cheerful flowers. She was an amazing lady. She raised 8 children all alone after being widowed at a young age when her husband was killed in a plane crash. Her youngest was 6 months at the time. One of her children, Steve, (the father of these bloggers) is a fine man and is running for Mayor of our City. (Christopher also directed my daughter, Caitlyn, in "Kiss My Kate" a few summers ago. He is funny, multi-talented and a good human being.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this family really KNOWS what family is all about and I admire them.