Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facing Fifty

This year I am turning the big 5-0! Yes, half a century, in 2 more months. So is Barbie.

If I must say so, I do think I have aged much better than Barbie.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frozen Yogurt in the Winter...Yes!

I really like frozen yogurt. I think l feel less guilty about indulging in it than in ice cream (though I love that too.) I'm sure it is because it has all that "healthy-hype" attached to it and because there are so many places that have popped up recently that serve it exclusively. Anyway, my daughters and I have visited some of these cool places, and my new favorite is the pomegranate flavor at RED MANGO. This sounds weird, but I tried it with mini-chocolate chips on top. Awesome. And it was fun to eat while sitting in front of a lovely fireplace at the shop; being winter and all, of course. An expensive splurge, but so worth it. Try it sometime.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Not-to-do" list for 2009

I enjoy thumbing through magazines to relax. While looking through recent January issues I was reminded of resolutions and "to-do" lists that seem to be the thing to do in a new year. So inspired after reading others' lists, I decided to write my own "not-to-do" list for this coming year:

I am not going on another diet. I will just try to be healthier.

I won't let myself be consumed by things I cannot control.

I'm going to stop being a "people pleaser."

I will stop saving things for "special occasions."

I will not over commit myself.

I will not talk so much and will try to listen more.

I will stop making "to-do" lists that will not get done.