Sunday, November 16, 2008

Footloose and Fancy Free

So, my girls and I sometimes play the "Kevin Bacon" game. You know, that game where you see how many degrees you are connected to him through various people. Anyway, recently it made me recall a memory connected to that man.

It was about 25 years ago, I was newly engaged to be married, working feverishly towards my college degree, and just plain "over-booking" my life with too many things. It was during that time I started getting phone calls from various actor friends asking me to come to auditions for this new movie they were shooting in Lehi, Utah. They told me they were needing lots of extras and bit parts. I recognized two of the actor's names who were to be in the film: John Lithgow and Diane Wiest. My friends mentioned they were needing lots of actors who could dance (which was one of my strengths back then.)

Well, I was torn about the whole thing knowing that it could be a cool experience and perhaps a good thing on the resume. But I passed. The rest is history. I was not in the film. My friends were. I did not meet Kevin Bacon. My friends did. Thus, my one degree to Kevin Bacon.

So, I have read they are doing a re-make, or rather a film-version of the Broadway musical, Footloose. And playing the Kevin Bacon role of Ren will be none other than Zac Efron. An awesome choice, really. Yes, I'm as old as Kevin Bacon, but when I watch Zac perform I am 16 again, (with David Cassidy photos hung all over my walls.)

So, I can't wait for the next version. Bye, bye, Kevin. Hello Zac!

And as Ren says; "I thought this was a party. Let's Dance!!!"


miss britt said...

A) one of my shameless crushes = zac effron and B) thanks for stopping by the other day. It was very fun for me. :)

CoyoteLion said...

HAHA!! KEVIN BACON! Like David Bowie he's an inside joke in our house. "LET'S DANCE!" hah, wait a minute, they both say that...

Coryn said...

I love Zac Efron. I can't wait for the new Footloose....dude, if they film it here, I'm totally going to camp out to be an extra.