Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bragging Rights on a Former Student

As a teacher I always tried to be fair to all students and not play favorites. But I do admit there were always those special students that really stood out and took a spot in your heart. Such is the case of Eddie Carter. He was one of my communications/journalism students. Though he was only an eighth grader when I taught him I could tell he was going to do great things with his life. He had enthusiasm and a charisma that was contagious. One of the things that impressed me most was how respectful he was to me as a teacher; always polite and obedient.

Eddie was one of a handful of students who have sent me thank you notes over the years. For those who know me well, it is a big deal to me to receive a thank you note. I remember being quite touched by a letter from Eddie as he was getting established in his career thanking me for helping light a spark in him to pursue something in the field of communications. For a short time he worked as reporter for a major newspaper and wrote several impressive articles for magazines. He received his law degree and clerked for a highly respected justice. He has been honored over the years with ethic awards in his profession. He is now a Professor of Communications at Brigham Young University.

Here is a link to a study he co-authored about how society still finds profanities offensive and limits them without harming the First Amendment:

Article on BYU Website


Coryn said...

That's so cool that he sent you thank-you notes.

Those are the best. Especially when they're very personal and you can tell that the person took time to genuinely thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read the article. What a great guy and you influenced him. I remember my best teacher, Mrs. Wheelright. She was HARD and I had to do everything in class at least twice. But because of her I learned how to sew and cook. Skills I have used a lot. I called her a couple of years ago to tell her how much I appreciated what she had taught me.

CoyoteLion said...

Sounds like a really good person.

Cookie Doe said...

Very cool. Sad to say, I never sent a thank you note to a school teacher after graduating...