Friday, August 21, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Concert for the Books

  Hands down one of the best concerts the Rooftop has hosted!
Paul Jacobsen curated the show
 and handpicked some of the finest musicians in the state.
It was kind of a reunion for me to get to reunite
 with some that I hadn't seen in a few years.
We hosted about 80 band members
 and their guests in our greenroom.

 Don't let their 'rock & roll' exteriors fool you.
These are two of the kindest and most generous guys 
you could ever meet.
Branden Campbell and Tyler Glenn who make up half 
of the band NEON TREES.
They have performed world wide, been on television many times, 
in commercials, and their songs are always on the airwaves.
And yet they love to return to Provo 
where it all started for them.

 Cammy got to model one of the new shirts for social media.
I was delighted to visit with my favorite Robbie Connolly 
from the band 'Fictionist.'
His band just finished a month-long tour back east opening for NEON TREES.
(My Courtney hung all the peace signs for me.)

 And of course, the show wouldn't be complete 
without my friend, the marvelous Mindy Gledhill.
She sang "All You Need is Love."
I gifted Mindy with a couple of Care Bears
 from my 1985 collection
because she has just started  a new 1980's retro band called
 'Hive Riot' with her brother-in-law, talented pianist Dustin.
 I knew they had grown up with those iconic bears.
(They will be releasing their album this fall.)
She was so excited she ran around the room 
showing everyone the classic bears
and then had me take this photo in the lobby
 so she could post it on her social media.

 (photo credit: CJane Kendrick)

A classic moment in the concert when Brandon Robbins
 (The Moth & The Flame)
dressed in full Sgt.Pepper regalia sang
"Strawberry Fields Forever."

( photo credit: Justin Hackworth)

And how about 'My mayor's cooler than your mayor!'
Provo's own Mayor Curtis hopped on stage
 to play bass during a number!
Perhaps he's found his new calling once he leaves office
(which we hope he never does).

(photo credit: Justin Hackworth)

Every singer was well suited to their hand-picked song.
Seen here: Tessa Norman,
new to the Rooftop stage
singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds."
The crowd was huge and it was fun to see so many different ages
having such a great time together. 
*There was even an 80-year-old grandma 
dancing and singing along!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tour du jour of my summer thus far

Our summer kicked off with my daughter & son-in-law surprising us by arriving a few
days earlier than we expected after their drive across the country.
We were able to enjoy both of them for a few weeks before Scott headed off for Officer Training
before he starts medical school.
Coryn was able to spend 5 wonderful weeks with us.

 Caitlyn showed up a few weeks later for just a few days to visit.
She comes home every so often to sing at  friend's weddings.
This one was in St. George.
 It was fun to have all four girls here.
We like hanging out together.
This was at the Farmer's Market.
Couldn't resist the Pac Man photo op.
 They enjoyed a vigorous game of laser tag.

 Coryn flew down to spend Independence Day with her sister in LA.

 They spent some time at the beach.
Seen here at Huntington Beach.
These gingers need lots of sunscreen.

 Coryn did the Lavender 5K again this year
in beautiful Mona.
I did not.
I sat in the shade, ate lavender ice cream, and waited at the finish line.
While Coryn was here, I was her taxi driver as she met various friends
 for lunch and outings.
I didn't mind at all.

 Me and internationally renowned indie singer, Joshua James.
Fun to visit with he and his wife and their two beautiful babies.
We met previously at Rooftop in 2011.
He is a kind, soft-spoken, talented human being.

So, I am back at the Rooftop Concert Series.
In the past I spent two seasons running the greenroom
(with the help of my family.)
This has been a grassroots effort of volunteers from the start.
It became so huge that they had to move it down to the street.
As this year approached, the founders felt they couldn't keep doing it.
So much work and logistically a real challenge.
The mayor, who is a big fan of this series,
 (because it brings all ages downtown to enjoy the restaurants
and the art scene and is a fun, wholesome offering for the local university students)
didn't want to see it end and asked what needed to be done to keep it going.
The founders requested a permanent staff of those who had proven themselves as volunteers.
So, long story short, I was asked to come back and was hired as greenroom manager.
Fun summer job!
Parks and Recreation have take over the volunteer coordination. 
NuSkin is our big sponsor and has been so generous to provide their space.
And this time I am no longer dealing with three flights of stairs and heat.

Here is a shot I took off stage of The Moth & The Flame.
I first met this band when they were just getting started.
They have toured Europe and are presently touring the states.
Such nice guys who started here and relocated to LA.
They are going places mark my word.
When I listened to them at this concert I felt the same vibes
I did back in 2011 when we had a little band named Imagine Dragons
play the Rooftop.

 This young man is Grammy nominated, multi-talented producer Nate Pyfer.
He has produced several local bands who have gone on to some great success.
I have a neat connection to Nate.
I actually knew about him when he was still in his mother's womb:)
and got to hold him as a newborn.
When I served an LDS mission in Houston, Texas, I met his mom and dad
who were great friends to the missionaries.
They took such good care of us and we became fast friends.
In fact, they were a blessing to me personally at a challenging period of my mission.
Not long after my mission, they moved back to Utah to finish their schooling.
(His wonderful mother Tami, is a tremendous advocate for education and presently serves
as an adviser on education to our governor.I always enjoy hearing her speak when she is a guest on radio and television programs. She is also a great cheerleader for Nate.)
Nate and I have run into each other over the years at concerts,
but it was especially nice to get to meet his lovely wife and children while he was here.

 It has been  terrific to work with the local food businesses.
They take great pride in their work and consider it their art.
I have met so many generous individuals who want to contribute to the success of downtown.
These folks actually make me look good in the greenroom when the bands eat their food.
I try to present it in a pretty way and they provide the delicious food for our dinners.

Coryn and Scott (along with Court and Cammy) were kind enough to
help me out with the June concert.
Their helping hands were greatly needed and appreciated.
Cammy asked to come back this season to help, as well 
as to accumulate some more volunteer hours for her college applications.
(Court decided to take off work for the next two concerts to help out as well. 
She says she likes the 'heavy-lifting' and hanging out with her family. Lucky me.)

 I have fun finding colorful fabric for tablecloths to match the posters and theme of the bands.
This tablescape was extremely colorful and perhaps a bit too wild.
But the bands loved it!

 My sweet friend, Jan, has put on a 'Christmas in July' tea party
for about 20 years!
It is something I always look forward to.
She finds such delight in simple and lovely things.
This year we were missing our other regular guest, my friend Barbara,
who is serving a mission with her husband in Virginia.
My Coryn, though, happily took Barbara's seat this time:)
and she took this photo.

 Last week Courtney and I attended our traditional BYU Books for Young Readers Symposium.
We always have such a wonderful time hearing all the authors and illustrators.
This year, a featured speaker was Jon Klassen who won the Caldecott medal for picture book,
'This is Not My Hat.'
The audience surprised him by putting hats on when he was introduced.
He loved it!

Court and I had a lovely conversation with Jon.
He got a degree in animation but switched gears to illustration and writing.
(He worked on the films 'Kung Fu Panda' and 'Coraline.')
Court, of course, got her degree in animation and has switched her focus to writing as well.
So they had a nice discussion about those things.
When he found out my background was in theatre, he told me that his book,
'This is Not my Hat' was being made into a musical and would be premiered
at the National Theatre in London this fall
Well, I WAS thrilled to hear that as I have attended a musical at the National.
 My husband had to take a trip up to do some problem solving for BYU-I in Rexburg.
He invited me along.
I had actually never been there.
It is a lovely town.
I enjoyed the scenery on the drive up.

 It was a peaceful get-away for me especially after going non-stop since May.
I so enjoyed walking around the temple grounds and the campus
and reading and spending time with my guy.

And now it is back to more summer activities and spending time in driving practice
with this 16-year-old who has a learners permit in her possession.
How did that happen?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Old Man Knees and Girls Camp

 (Thanks for the photos Julie Woodfield)

Here's my guy with the '80-year-old-man-knees.'
Seriously, that's what the doctor told him several years ago.
He's been a candidate for knee-replacement for a long time.
That's what years of competitive sports, 
as well as constantly going one speed does to you.
Does he ever complain?

He just completed his 17th year of attending the entire week of Girls Camp.
When our oldest daughter attended her first year, he volunteered to help.
And, he just kept going. 
Being a father of four daughters, it was a given.
Chopping wood, making campfires, certification hikes, first-aid, helping direct and perform in the skits,
giving blessings, heavy-lifting, loading, cleaning-up, teaching, counseling, etc.
And every year after arriving home he reports it as a great experience.
We were thinking this might be his last year of attending.
Apparently not.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A moment

After a few very busy days of worldly endeavors,
(namely my summer staff job with Rooftop Concerts)
I stepped out of the greenroom at the conclusion of the evening
and caught my breath as I beheld this beautiful sight.
Just what I needed.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Top of the World Looking Down on Provo Town

Friday night was our second concert of the 2015 season
for Downtown Provo's Rooftop Concert Series.
I am back on staff and loving the experience.
NuSkin is a major sponsor and has been fantastic to work with.
Lucky me!
Security allowed me a brief ride up to the 9th floor to see the crowd
as I am usually in the green room or at the side of the stage.
I snapped this quick photo with my phone.
The Moth and The Flame were our headliners and they rocked the street.
I met them in 2012 at Rooftop and they are the nicest guys.
(In 2011, you may recall, I said Imagine Dragons would be huge.)
Well, my prediction is that TM&TF are the next big thing.
At this concert I felt the same vibes I did that night on the Rooftop with ID.
Indie Rock lovers, keep your eyes on this band!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sixteen Sweetness

 How did she get from this to this?
 Life's an hourglass. That's for sure!

 Three-time Caldecott winner David Wisner 
autographed his book for Cammy a few years ago.
 He told her he had never before met anyone
 born on this exact date.
Such a fun, serendipity moment!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pearl Harbor

 Our visit to Pearl Harbor happened to be on the the weekend
of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day.
The day the Nazis surrendered in Germany in World War II.
It made our day there even more poignant.
 "Those who have long enjoyed such privilege as we enjoy
forget in time that men have died to win them."
~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Bill of Rights Day, November 27, 1941

 Being aboard The USS Arizona was both sobering and humbling.
Almost half of the casualties on that fateful day
 occurred on this naval battleship.
Among the 1,177 crewmen who were killed in the attack 
were 23 sets of brothers.

All 21 members of the Arizona's band, known as 
U.S. Navy Band Unit 22 were killed.
Most of it's members were up on deck 
to play music for the daily flag raising ceremony.
When the attack began they instantly moved
 to man their battle positions
 beneath the ship's gun turret.
At no other time in American history
 has an entire military band died in action.

 Since 1982, the U.S. Navy has allowed survivors to be interred
 in the ship's wreckage upon their deaths.
A memorial was built at the USS Arizona site,
 thanks in part to Elvis Presley.
In March 1961, Elvis, who had recently finished 
a two-year stint in the U.S. Army,
performed a benefit concert at Pearl Harbor's Block Arena
that raised over $50,000.
The monument was officially dedicated on May 30, 1962,
and attracts more than a million visitors a year.

This was a serendipity moment.
Those who know me will know why.
Perhaps a distant relative of my husband?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Shipwreck Near Goat Island on Oahu

 I'm guessing this is not a common sight on a Hawaiian beach.
One of the days we were in Hawaii a 55-foot sailing boat
slammed onto a reef and got destroyed.
The coast guard got stuck trying to rescue the people 
and then helicopters were sent in.
We heard them throughout the night.
Thankfully all were rescued and taken
 by ambulance to the local hospital.
 The following morning the once pristine beach 
was filled with wreckage.
The ocean continued to relentlessly spit the debris onto the shore
 as if to say,
"Respect me. I don't want your junk."

I went out for awhile and helped some neighboring beach renters
gather and throw the trash higher up towards the beach houses 
away from the continuous tides.
I found some interesting items:
Benadryl pills, a tube of denture fixative, nicotine patches,
a golf club, an empty yogurt container.

 This was a reminder to me about the power of the ocean.
She can be calm, tranquil, inviting.
But also turbulent, dangerous and scary.
Respect her.