Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's a Wrap...

Provo Rooftop Concert Series Season 7 has concluded.
And what a fantastic finish.
This season has been one of my favorites.
And I give special thanks to my two cohorts here for all their great help.
I could not have done this job without them.
 The Lower Lights (seen here at soundcheck) have traditionally closed out the season
(with the exception of the last two seasons when we closed with Neon Trees
and last year, Kaskade).
It was wonderful to have them back.
It's always great to hear them sing the great traditional hymns
in their trademark style.
Several new songs were added to their set this time with another upcoming album
due sometime before Thanksgiving.
Their Christmas concerts in SLC are always a sellout.

 We themed the greenroom in their honor by using their signature song
'This Little Light of Mine.'
Fitting also for our opening group
The SLC Mass Choir.

This choir was terrific!
They were all so gracious and thankful for the dinner and atmosphere of the greenroom.
I enjoyed talking with many of them.
Their music is all about praising the Lord and lifting people.
They use the hashtag #MakingGodFamous on social media.
The group was started by Tim Drisdom, a former University of Utah and pro basketball player.
He felt inspired to give up playing and put his efforts into this ministry.

 They really warmed up the crowd and it was awesome to see the energy and love.

It was a mild, cloudy night with just a light smattering of raindrops for a brief time.
As is always the case at Rooftop,
the crowds got bigger and bigger as the night went on.
The enthusiasm in Provo for these evenings is palpable.
 I stepped out on the patio of the greenroom to take this shot as the sun was setting.
The Provo City Center Temple is always photo worthy.
 And my concert-going days were not over yet as I played the cool mom
and took Cammy to see Coldplay on their world tour stop in SLC.
Coldplay has been her favorite band for most of her life.
It was a sold-out show.
She even cried a little when the lights went down and the music started.
And I have to say, I fell in love with them that evening as well.
It was one of the most amazing, fun concerts I've ever attended AND
one of the most visually pretty shows I've seen in a concert venue.
(And so what if we could only afford the 'nosebleed' seats.
The band played to everyone.)
Such a fabulous end to our summer!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flying flamingos, hamburgers and bananas: It's the Aquabats!

I'm still recovering from 3 weeks ago and 
another amazing night in Provo at our Rooftop Concert Series.
*My friend Nate, our Production Director snapped this shot from high up in a cherry picker.
A huge crowd filled with fans of all ages.
Fun to see so many parents with their young children on their shoulders
(many of whom were wearing The Aquabat costume or shirts or goggles)
there to see The Aquabats who had been part of these parents' college memories.
See more photos at

 ('That Singer Guy' gave me his autograph.)

We had a blast meeting these funny guys.
They formed as a band over 22 years ago in Orange County, California
and have created quite the fan base across the country.
They take on personas as superheros headed by the Bat Commander.
Their songs are fun and catchy. Easy to sing along.
It was a communal experience for sure!

 Tons of energy and silliness prevailed through out their set.
I obviously had a great 'seat.'

 The Bat Commander (Christian Jacobs) is fantastic.
(It was neat to learn that he had served an LDS mission in Japan and that his good friend, 
and former mission companion Chris, who is married to our own founder of Rooftop,
had arranged for them to come perform this concert.)
Christian is also a former Hollywood child actor and created the popular
children's show
'Yo Gabba Gabba' 
on Nickelodeon Jr.

 Exhausted after giving their all, the band leaves the stage...

 But were still kind enough to greet some fans, give some hugs and take some selfies.

 Courtney and Cammy created some festive wall art and table fun
 drawing their own versions of the band's famous logo.
The Aquabats were delighted by the personal touches in the greenroom.

We had a last minute change having to move from our regular spot (the ballroom)
to another space (the pavilion),
However,everything worked out well and it was a beautiful location.

 And the bands and their guests loved the view!

The Bat Commander got a kick out of the fact that our dinner (provided by Good Thyme)
included 'tiny burgers' which was a shout out to a moment in their television series,
(where Season One can be seen on Netflix).
*In fact, during the concert several large blown-up 'beach ball' hamburgers were flying
throughout the audience.

Our two opening bands were fantastic as well.
Mad Max and the Wild Ones, some excellently talented brothers 
treating us to some great rockabilly,
and the reunion of My Man Friday who formed their band in Provo 20 years ago,
and were reuniting just for this show after not playing together in over eight years.
(I was lucky enough to grab this photo before they went on stage.)
I enjoyed meeting many of their families and children, who were all very gracious.
It was neat to see the warmth between all these old friends who had gone their separate ways
but were here to share the stage again.
And wow! They sounded as slick as they had all those years ago.
Another awesome night for the records!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where did July go?

Cammy turned seventeen.

 Caitlyn flew in to surprise her and stayed a couple of short days.

 Another Rooftop Concert to kick of Independence Day weekend.
(Courtney worked her magic with her art talents in making the greenroom festive.)

 Another delicious dinner prepared by Good Thyme on Center Street in Provo.

 Another of my favorite bands 
 headlined our show.
They have been touring the country this year and making lots of fans!
Lead singer Brady Parks is a talented and humble man.
Loved visiting with him and the other band members, as well as meeting his parents
who flew in from Colorado to see the show.

 Opening our show was my friend Mindy Gledhill and her brother-in-law Dustin's
new 80's inspired band, Hive Riot.
(I felt like a middle-aged munchkin sandwich here.)

 Every July I attend the BYU Books for Young Readers Symposium.
I have been attending for 29 years.
(Give or take a few I missed.)
I love children's books.
(It was a treat to meet and chat with Molly Idle, a former DreamWorks animator,
and now children's book author/illustrator. She was a hoot!)
 Our friend Ashley joined Courtney and I this year.
She and Courtney are reviewers for the well-read blog:
Reading for Sanity. (See my sidebar to connect.)
 Who can pass up a photo op with a pink flamingo?
 BYU and the Provo Library always do a fantastic job of hosting.
 Ashley and Courtney were so exited to meet author Elizabeth Wein 
who wrote one of their favorite books, a World War II based novel
'Code Name Verity.'
Ms. Wein had a fascinating life story to share.
She lives in Scotland.

 I also attended a benefit production at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem 
of a remounting of the musical Xanadu which was directed by my friend and directing idol
Christopher Clark who was recently diagnosed with ALS.
Most of the original cast flew in for the rehearsals/performances. 
Many are presently performing on Broadway and in other major theatres around the country.
It was fantastic and I haven't gut-laughed so hard in a long time.
It was wonderful to get a hug afterwards from Chris and his lovely wife Lisa.
They are remarkable, humble and grateful people who are handling this 
devastating challenge with grace and humor.
I just love them!

Coryn and Scott flew to Iceland for a week.
They had a spectacular adventure and it was fun to see all their beautiful photos.

Also, every year for many years, my sweet 79 year old friend Jan
hosts a 'Christmas in July' tea party for me and another friend, Barbara.
(We have missed Barbara the past two summers as she and her husband are serving
an LDS mission presently in Washington DC South working with young military families.)
Jan always makes everything so lovely with a theme, music, and delicious food,
but most importantly, the conversation and time together.

I continue to enjoy serving in the Provo City Center Temple.
I took this photo a few weeks ago after leaving my shift.
It was a bright and hot sunny day.
July was joyous.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Happy Birthday Baby!
(And no. We are not giving you a car.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Random. No Rhyme Nor Reason.

I've been neglectful of my blog. 
I guess I've run out of steam or don't feel I have much to share.
But here are a few recent photos for the five fans that follow me:)

Hopped on a plane in May to tag along with my husband
to a university conference he was attending.
We stayed in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado.
Rocky Mountain High.
 I did a lot of walking.

Attended the wedding of my lovely niece Hannah and her sweetheart Benjamin
in the beautiful new Provo City Center Temple.
It was a rainy, but glorious day.
(I am also loving the opportunity of serving as an organist in this temple.)

 Kicked off another season of Provo's Rooftop Concert Series where I work on staff.

 Our Greenroom.
Both Courtney and Cammy are huge helps to me in preparing and making this happen.
(Cammy, who just got her driver's license, has put in 100's of volunteer hours over the years,
with not only this event, but several other service opportunities.)

 All-girl band The Aces rocked the stage.
(My friend, photographer Justin Hackworth let me into the press pit to grab some of my own photos.)
Fantastic concert.
The crowds loved it.

Here I am with 1/4 of THE STR!KE.
This band is one of my favorites!
They know how to entertain with a modern twist on the 'big band' sound.
That's lead singer Chris Crabb, the ginger to my left.
And Chase Baker, one of the best go-to guitarists in the business.

The crowd went wild when THE STR!KE took the stage.
These guys are also a favorite band of our Provo Mayor Curtis.

 This is Mimi Knowles.
I've been a fan for years.
Such a kind and fun person and a heck of a performer and a new daddy.
(And you don't pass up an opportunity to take a photo with Beyonce's cousin.)

 My daughter Courtney was a bridesmaid for one of her best friends, Mira.
Court hates to wear dresses, so this was a true sign of friendship.
(Seen here with her life-long friend Dustin.)

 Our June show was the annual Tribute Concert where the best local singers/musicians
are selected to perform in a show curated by Paul Jacobsen.
This is always an outstanding show.
And this year was no exception.

Courtney masterminded a terrific greenroom decor
centered around Bowie's 'Major Tom' and sprinkled with his last album, 'Black Star.'
The musicians and their guests loved it!

 It was great to catch up with singers I have followed since the beginning of their careers.
This is Scott Vance, lead singer of The New Electric Sound, a band with a 60's vibe.
They performed in the early days of Rooftop and since then have moved to LA.
My daughter, Caitlyn actually met and became friends with Scott and his new wife in LA.

 Here's a shot I captured of my favorite Robbie Connolly (of Fictionist),
and the talented Megan of Westward the Tide doing Bowie proud.

A few weeks ago I attended Disney's The Little Mermaid to support my former vocal student and friend, Alexandra Agle. She was fabulous as always.
While sitting there I realized that the first time I had performed on that same stage
was exactly 30 years before that same week in the musical Brigadoon.
Wow! Where did the time go?

And this past week I said farewell for the next three years
to my dearest friend of 32 years, Claudia.
She and her husband are leaving to lead the Washington Kennewick Mission
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I will miss her so, but I am happy for those lucky missionaries.

Latest photo of my daughter Coryn and her husband at a formal dinner for the medical students.

And latest photo from daughter Caitlyn (w/ boyfriend Jeremy) enjoying the west coast sunshine.

Life is good. I am blessed.

And in the words of Ferris Bueller:
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while,
you could miss it."
~from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)